Shannon Krowicki is an actor, singer, comedian, improviser and writer originally from Clinton, New Jersey. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and Theater and a Minor in Women’s Studies from the University of Miami. Her performance highlight credits include performing on off-Broadway and regional theater productions, local commercials and TV/Film - most notably: Nickelodeon, The History Channel, Starz!, Amazon and the Investigation Discovery Channel. 
Shannon has written and performed in her own one-woman show titled, ABOUT-FACE: A unique and remarkably true story about her struggle to overcome multiple jaw surgeries while fighting to maintain her life as a performer in NYC. ABOUT-FACE is a journey of self-perseverance and transformation shared through comedy, characters and song. Look out for more details and future performances here on Shannon’s website.
Shannon began studying improv and sketch comedy in 2015. She has completed both the Upright Citizens Brigade and Magnet Theater’s improvisational programs, as well as Magnet’s musical improvisational program. She performed weekly on Magnet Theater’s all-female musical improv house team: GEM and monthly on UCB's The Focus Group: An Improvised Musical! Shannon also performed with her indie improv team, Second Cousins (where everyone endearingly calls her horse girl) around NYC. Since the Pandemic, Shannon has been performing virtual improv shows on Magnet Theater's Twitch channel. For more information on upcoming performances, check-out the home page.

Shannon is currently being featured in Marshall & Sterling's Insurance Company's second installment of the commercial, "It's Time to get Serious," which is now airing throughout the tri-state area.

Shannon's great accomplishment thus far is writing this bio and talking about herself in the third person.


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