I was interviewed by Caralie Chrisco and Daniel LeBlanc, the creators and hosts of the Actor Hack Podcast. We discussed my personal journey to New York, survival jobs and their pitfalls and the expectations versus the reality of pursuing a career in the arts, as well as dealing with a business that strongly focuses on appearances while undergoing three major face changing jaw surgeries. Hope you enjoy!

Let's Face It - Actor Hack Podcast

About the Actor Hack Podcast: I highly recommend listening to this podcast, not just for Caralie and Daniel's amazingly smooth and soothing voices, but to hear firsthand unique yet universal stories from young professionals on what it's like to pursue a career in the entertainment business. They offer advice and guidance, especially for those starting out, on how to navigate through this confusing jungle of an industry. Along with their podcast, Caralie and Daniel's website Class Act or Hack, is a free resource for information on classes, studios, coachings, festivals, headshots--the whole nine yards! It not only benefits new emerging artists, but artists of all levels where you can truly determine, "Is this right for me?"


I had the pleasure of being featured on my friend, Jason Farr's podcast, "There It Is!" We talk about my background in performance, singing, studying improv at two major theaters, my all female musical improv house team GEM, auditioning and developing in different ways as a performer. We also play a fun improv warm-up game at the end of the podcast! It's a silly, fun episode, so give it a listen here! And if you like what you hear, please rate, review and subscribe! A brief overview about the podcast: The "There It Is" podcast is for comedy fans, as well as comedy creators seeking a career in comedy. Here you can get into the minds of the comedians we admire the work of. If you ever wanted to learn from some greats, listen as their brains are picked by host, Jason Farr. On the podcast, Jason will interview people who are making it in comedy by either holding down a job or being part of a spectacular comedy show or both!"

I was recently featured on the TeaBD podcast, hosted by Emily Riggins and Matt Aromando! TeaBD is a podcast about tea and friendship! On this episode, we rated and drank my favorite tea of all time, Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA! Matt's mini-topic of the week was the recently cancelled, Netflix superhero television show, "Daredevil." I brought in an honest discussion about women in the improv community--what it means to be a woman doing improv, how people perceive women performing comedy and onstage, and ultimately, opening the conversation up to how gender is used in improv scenes, in general! Click here to listen to the episode!! And as always, if you like what you hear, please support TeaBD: rate, review and subscribe!