Here are some fun facts about me, in case you don't feel like reading my professional bio:

I am majorly dyslexic!! I'm sure you'll find inverted words and spelling mistakes galore on here. Feel free to tell me because I love nothing more than being corrected.

I come from a family of teeth! How spooooky! My mom is a dentist, dad is an orthodontist (they met at dental school #teethlove), older sister is ALSO dentist and the other is in her residency becoming a neurologist--yes, you, guessed it!: I am the middle child.

A few years ago, I had three major jaw surgeries. I wrote a one woman-show about it: ABOUT-FACE. Because it's about meee face.

I sometimes will waste hours watching videos on The Dodo, where they feature quirky, cute animals, rescue stories and unlikely friendships--I'll literally die with joy and glee and find myself crying uncontrollably every single time.

I have three vices: sour patch kids, adult coloring books and anything to do with true crime. If it's a wild night, I'll do all three at the same time. Now you know what to get me for my Birthday.

I am a HUGE horror fan. I saw my first film when my parent's took my sister's and I to see "Ghost" in the theaters. I was 5...

I like doing funny stuff. Some (key word: some) people say I'm good at it. You can check it out on my YouTube or Vimeo Channel--Or just look me up on Google. There's no privacy anymore and my s**t is everywhere.

If you'd like to be updated on everything I'm doing, go to my contact page to sign up and get in on the loop-de-loop. **FULL DISCLOSURE: Most people who sign up there so far have been scammers...I don't love it, but I don't hate it.**


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